Body Jet "Water -jet assisted liposuction"

Even a well trained body of normal weight can have its problem zones. Extra weight carried in such areas rarely responds to diet and exercise. Hereditary factors and hormones determine how fat cells are distibuted in our bodies. Liposuction permanently removes fat cells in order to give the body more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Water-jet assisted liposuction(WAL) is an innovative gentle method for the surgical reduction of persistent fat stores.

In this method irrigation solution is introduced into the fattty tissue with a pulsating spray action using a special cannula. This solution is then immmediately suctioned off - together with the loosened fat cells. The gentle water-jet loosens the fat and makes it possible to remove fat cells permanently while sparing subcutaneous tissues.

Compared with conventional liposuction methods WAL removes fat with much less force and a significantly lower risk of side effects. With other methods the irrigation solution must remain in the body for a certain period of time in order to take effect. This waiting period is minimised with water-jet assisted liposuction, significantly reducing overall treatment time. With the water jet method there is no risk of thermal injury and a much lower risk of bruise formation and injury to the sensitive nerve tissue under the skin. The strands of connective tissue responsible for skin tightening remain largely intact beneath the skin, like exposed tree roots.

For the patient this means excellent chances of being practically pain free within just a few days of the treatment.


Body-Jet is an innovative technique, which can be used for re-sculpturing without the potential complications of more traditional methods of liposuction.

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