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Breast and Body

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    Breast Enlargement

    There are many reasons why women consider breast enlargement. The breasts may appear small in size, there may be asymmetry or following pregnancy they may have reduced in volume. A breast augmentation can enhance the patient's well-being.

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    Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction also known as reduction mammoplasty is peformed for patients with heavy, pendulous and painful breasts. Following surgery the patient's posture may improve thus helping to reduce the symptons of back and neck ache.

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    Excessive Underarm Sweating

    Many people are affected by excessive underarm sweating. Treatments include special prescription anti-perspirants, the injection of botulinum toxin and liposuction with removal of the offending sweat glands.

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    Fat Injection (Lipo-modelling)

    Fat can be removed from the abdomen and injected via small incisions to fill out defects in such areas as the breast following excision of breast cancers or in the face following surgery or the ageing process.

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    Female External Genital Reshaping

    Female external genital reshaping is a procedure that women are choosing to undergo when their labia are either too large or are being irritated by tight clothing. There are several procedures which can improve the appearance of the labia. 

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    Hand Rejuvenation

    The hand can be rejuvenated by several different procedures including the injection of fillers or fat, sclerosis of the prominent veins and tightening of the skin by either laser or surgical excision.

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    Inverted Nipple repair

    Many women suffer from inverted nipples from their teenage years. This can cause significant embarrassment and can be corrected by a surgical procedure as a day case leaving minimal scarring.

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    Liposuction using the Body Jet system can reduce unsightly excess fat and improve the shape and look of your body. Some patients may require removal of excess skin if the tissues have lost their elasticity

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    Mastopexy (Breast Uplift)

    A breast uplift or mastopexy can be carried out alone or may require an augmentation at the same time. By uplifting the breasts, a patient's self esteem and confidence may be enhanced.

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    Nipple & Aerola Reduction

    Some ladies may have enlargement of the nipple and areola following pregnancy, breast feeding or previous surgical operations on the breasts. The enlarged nipple or areola can be reduced surgically, leaving minimal scarring. A similar procedure is available for men.

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    Nipple & Breast Reconstruction

    Sophisticated surgical procedures have been developed, allowing for reconstruction of the breast following breast cancer treatment, it can be made to be more natural looking by rebuilding both the nipple and the areola. Nipple/areola tatooing can also be carried out.

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    Plastic Surgery following Massive Weight Loss

    Following massive weight loss after either surgery or diet, many patients have excess tissues in the face, neck, upper arms, thighs, back and abdomen. Several surgical procedures are available to remove these tissues and enhance the patient's appearance. 

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    Scar Revision

    Scars can be unsightly and damage your appearance and self confidence. They can be caused by trauma or surgical procedures. Treatments include silicone ointment, steroid injections and surgical revision of the scar. 

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    Skin Cancer Removal

    Skin cancers are common and can be caused by over exposure to the sun. Treatment may involve the use of topical agents, radiotherapy, cryotherapy or the surgical removal of the affected area and appropriate reconstruction.

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    Thigh Buttock Lift

    Ladies who experience a loss of elasticity or size of the buttocks may be considered good candidates for a thigh and buttock lift. Occasionally buttock implants or fat injection, may be required to enhance the size and shape of the area.

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    Tummy Tuck

    An Abdominoplasty is an operation to reduce the excess skin and fat in the abdominal area and often is combined with liposuction. It can enhance your appearance and thus improve your self-confidence

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    Upper Arm Reduction

    An upper arm reduction is often peformed on patients following massive weight loss and is an operation to reduce the amount of loose skin and fatty tissues in the upper arm. Some patients may only require skin excision.


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