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Breast Enlargement

Those considering a breast enlargement should have good reason for this. Although the operation can greatly improve the shape and subsequent confidence of a patient, it may not greatly change how other people view them.

There can be many reasons why women consider a breast enlargement procedure or breast augmentation. Breasts may appear small in size, there is a difference between breast sizes or loss of weight or pregnancy has affected the size of the breasts, all factors influencing a woman considering a breast enlargement procedure.

The process involves placing an implant typically filled with silicone gel behind each breast giving them a larger appearance. The procedure takes place under general anaesthetic and lasts one to two hours in total. Some cuts are made around the breast, usually within the crease below the breast, although the position will vary from case to case. They may be in the crease under your breast, around the nipple or towards the armpit. A pocket is then made beneath the breast or behind the chest muscle in which the implant is placed. The cuts are stitched,the wounds dressed and a sports bra fitted.

Before undergoing breast enlargement surgery consideration and preparation are vital. Those who are considering the procedure should clearly outline their targets, and openly discuss this with their consultant. Those who are considering the procedure should be aware of the risks and complications that can arise, as well as the practical changes that are needed prior to surgery. Patients are required to stop taking medication which alters blood viscosity, including aspirin, birth control and hormone correction. In preparation of surgery it is also highly recommended that patients avoid smoking to promote a quicker recovery.

After the operation
Following the operation the patient will experience pain and discomfort that is helped by pain killers. They should also expect to feel tired and sore for a few days following their surgery, whilst remaining inactive for two days.

Should the breasts be dressed, the dressings will be removed within a few days and any drains removed. The patient should also experience a burning sensation in the nipples but this will subside as the bruising disappears. Stitches are usually removed within 7 days but the swelling around the breasts may take a number of weeks to disappear. Some may experience numbness for several months.

Before leaving the hospital the patient will be given the necessary advice for caring for the breasts, hygiene and bathing.

Recovering from breast enlargement

  • Don't shower for a number of days after the operation
  • No strenuous exercise or activity for a number of weeks
  • No lifting of heavy items and objects

For the large majority of women who undergo a breast enlargement the results will be a success with no unforeseen consequences. Despite this the capacity for risks and complications remain, as is the case for almost all surgical procedures.

Risks and Complications

  • Pain, swelling and tenderness for a few days
  • A burning sensation in the nipples for a few weeks
  • General complications from any operation may occur e.g. adverse bleeding, reaction to infection.
  • The two breasts are different sizes possibly caused by natural differences that are highlighted by the surgery
  • An infection in the breast can mean the implant is temporarily removed to allow the infection to heal.
  • Abnormal scar tissue can form squeezing the implant and causing firm and painful breasts. This is known as capsular contracture.
  • Sensation of the skin and sensation around the nipple could temporarily feel different. There are occasions when this remains permanent.
  • Fluid can build up around the implant. This is called a seroma and may require further surgery to remove
  • The rupture or splitting of an implant can occur which may lead to the replacement through further surgery. In some cases it is not possible to remove all the silicone from the implant.

By nature, all medical procedures carry an element of risk. While the majority of patients do not experience any complications, before embarking on any medical procedure, it is advisable to consult fully with the McLean Academy so that our qualified staff can suitably discuss any risk or concerns that your procedure may pose.A breast enlargment is a surgical procedure with minimal risks.


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