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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

If you have large breasts and suffer from psychological issues or other health related problems such as low back pain, sweating and rashes, skeletal deformities or breathing problems, then a breast reduction procedure may be right for you.

Breast reduction also known as reduction mammoplasty is performed by The Mclean Academy who have substantial expertise in this area. Through the information contained on this page we hope to address any questions you have.

The breast reduction procedure is similar to a breast lift and entails the removal of excess fat and skin from the breasts. After the reshaping of the breast and the replacement of the nipple, the breast appears smaller, firmer and lighter.

Breast reduction can also be used where one breast size is larger than the other.

There are many benefits of a breast reduction procedure and in general these outweigh the side-effects and risks involved. However, because many breast reduction procedures are done for cosmetic reasons, it is especially important to carefully consider the risks which are discussed below.


Consider all aspects of the breast reduction procedure, list all the benefits and risks you feel are involved and then take this list with you when you come to visit the Mclean Academy. Talk through fully with the surgeon your concerns and expectations. Especially consider the result you hope to achieve. What some women may initially require at the outset could be too radical a reduction which could affect the final outcome of the procedure. The Mclean Academy will help guide you through this decision process, assessing all options available to you and providing you with the correct advice on which to base your decision. This will ensure your final decision will ensure both your aims and results are balanced and attainable.

Breast size is affected by your bodyweight and will therefore fluctuate, it is therefore beneficial to ensure your own weight is stable prior to any breast reduction procedure being performed. A stable body weight will make you more suitable for surgery. You may be required to lose weight prior to the operation taking place

Smoking increases the risks involved during and after surgery, these risks include bleeding and prolonged healing and loss of the nipple and areola, for this reason smokers will be asked to stop.

Once surgery has been performed the size of your breasts can still fluctuate where you lose or gain weight, although the breasts will not physically grow. It is advisable for any young women to wait as long as possible before seeking a breast reduction to ensure their breasts have stopped developing.

Taking photographs of your breasts is always a good idea prior to surgery, these will help you to see the before and after effects of the surgery and therefore gauge how successful your procedure has been.

The usual rules will apply in terms of general anaesthetic, no food or drink for about six hours prior to the anaesthetic.

After the operation

It is likely that you will be required to stay in the hospital overnight, this enables you to fully recover from the general anaesthetic and gives the surgeon opportunity to carry out regular checks on your progress. In some cases you may be required to stay in hospital longer. You will be given general advice on caring for your breasts during the recovery period and will be given a supportive bra to wear to aid the recovery process and drains will be removed before discharge.

Recovering from a breast reduction

  • don't shower for a number of days after the operation
  • no strenuous exercise or activity for a number of weeks
  • no lifting of heavy items and objects

Risks and Complications

  • pain, swelling & tenderness for a few days
  • a general anaesthetic can make you feel sick
  • general complications from any operation may occur e.g. adverse bleeding, reaction to anaesthetic, infection.
  • some scarring will occur which should disappear over time, but this will be in the most unobtrusive area
  • you are also likely to lose sensation in the nipple, this numbness may also extend over part of the breast
  • occasionally scars may stay thick, red and irritable for a long time
  • the shape of the breasts may change after the procedure or the nipples may not be level
  • as with breasts that have not been surgically reduced, some drooping will still occur
  • loss of the nipple areola is a rare complication.

By nature all medical procedures carry an element of risk. While the majority of patients do not experience any complications, before embarking on any medical procedure it is advisable to consult fully with the McLean Academy so that our qualified staff can suitably discuss any risk or concerns that your procedure may pose. A Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure with minimal risks.


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