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No-one knows exactly how long this situation is going to continue, but one would estimate it will probably be between three and six months before we get back to normal. I look forward to seeing you at that time and wish you and your families all the very best.

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Face and Skin

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    Brow and Forehead Lift

    A brow and forehead lift is generally the preference of those who feel uncomfortable with forehead wrinkles, and would prefer a younger look. The procedure involves a number of techniques and can also be used to compliment other surgical procedures. 

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    Brow Lift

    Forehead muscles and tissues are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the eyebrows and minimise the frown lines, providing a much more youthful look. The elevated tissues are held in position by small endotine clips. When only the outer part of the eyebrow requires elevation, a small endotine strip is sutured under the scalp.

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    Cheek & Chin Augmentation

    Cheek and chin augmentation are frequently performed procedures to help balance a face with weak or recessive chin and cheek bone structures. The implants are placed through small incisions hidden inside the mouth.

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    Ear Reshaping

    Correcting protruding ears is a common and regularly performed operation which can either be done under local or general anaesthesia.

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    Endotine Face and Neck Lift

    Endotine Ribbons can be placed to lift the jowls and neck tissues via incisions in front of and behind the ear. The ribbons slowly dissolve  leaving the previously sagging tissues in a more youthful position.

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    Endotine for brow and forehead lifts

    The Endotine device delivers a novel and effective solution for fixation of the scalp tissue, addressing the primary challenge of the forehead lift procedure. A smaller device can be used to lift the lateral brow alone.

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    Endotine Midface

    There is a new concept in midface surgery. One that for the first time delivers enhanced control over conventional approaches to soft tissue fixation, using incisions hidden inside the cheeks and the temporal hairline.

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    Endotine transbleph for Direct Browpexy

    The Endotine TransBleph is a revolutionary new product that allows you undergo a lateral browlift  proceedure through a single, upper lid incision used for a conventional blepharoplasty, leaving a scar which is almost imperceptible.

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    Eyelid Surgery

    Improve and refresh your youthful appearance through blepharoplasty surgery to either the upper or lower eyelids. Drooping (ptotic) upper lids can be corrected at the same time.

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    Face Lift

    A facelift can make you look younger and fresher, and it may enhance your self- confidence in the process. The scars can be hidden in the hairline and in front and behind the ears.

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    Lip Enhancement

    Lip Enhancement is a surgical procedure in which the lips are augmented to the patient's requirements. The procedure is usually undertaken by those who feel dissatisfied with the fullness of their lips, using small incisions along the lip line.

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    MACS Face Lift

    The Minimal Access Cranial Suspension facelift can enhance your face with a more youthful appearance using smaller scars than conventional face lifting methods and has a shorter recovery period.

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    Mid Face Lift

    A mid face lift procedure is the preference of those that require facial surgery, on a more specific area of the face. It can be used to raise the lips, refine nasal counters and raise saggy cheeks, and can be peformed as a stand alone operation.

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    Nasal Septal Correction

    The mid-line partition of the nose (nasal septum) can sometimes be buckled leading to difficulty with breathing through the nose. A Septoplasty procedure can straighten the partition thus improving the nasal air passages.

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    Nasal Surgery

    There are two basic types of nasal surgery; cosmetic and reconstructive. Nasal surgery is defined as any surgical procedure done on the external or internal configuration of the nose and its nasal passages.

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    Neck Lift

    A neck lift  is a procedure aimed at reducing the effect of the sagging skin around the jaw line and neck. It is generally carried out with liposuction  and may also require a face lifting operation at the same time. Occasionally an I-Guide operation can be used.

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    One Stitch Face Lift

    This simple proceedure which takes around 45 - 60 minutes to perform can be carried out as a day case usually under a local anaesthetic. It rejuvenates the face and leaves a small scar in the temporal hairline.

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    Split Earlobes

    Split earlobes are a common problem that many people face. This creates a hole or split after the ears have been ripped or torn.  A simple surgical procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia and the ears may be re-pierced a few months later


Body-Jet is an innovative technique, which can be used for re-sculpturing without the potential complications of more traditional methods of liposuction.

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One Stitch Facelift

The One Stitch Face Lift is a relatively new advanced procedure, designed to make the skin smooth and taut, without the need for complex and invasive surgery.

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