One Stitch Facelift

In cosmetic surgery the "One Stitch Facelift" is a new technique that is now carried out by Mr Neil McLean within Newcastle, Sunderland and the North of England

The One Stitch Facelift is an ideal first step before a full facelift and an good choice for anyone who considers their cheeks and jowls need slight tightening and lifting.

This simple procedure which takes around 45 minutes to perform can be carried out as a day case under local or general anesthetic.

Via an incision in the side burn region the facial tissues can be re-suspended with minimal discomfort and downtime.

The scar is hidden in the hairline of the temple and most patients return to normal activities within 24 - 48 hours.

The results look natural and the procedure is for women aged around 40years onwards who don't need a full facelift, but feel that the sagging skin on their jawline, is making their faces look tired and old. It is also proving popular for people who are unsuitable for or afraid of surgery under a general anaesthetic.

The procedure is minimally invasive as it involves just having one deep stitch on each side of the head buried in the hair line, with a dissolving skin suture, so the scarring is hidden. This procedure gives a "mini-lift" and is a compromise for those who don't wish to undergo a full standard facelifting operation. It can not give the effect of a full face and neck lift.

It is unlikely that anyone should notice anything different about you as this is a discreet and subtle procedure, but before and after photos of you should make you appear to look younger.

The results should last around 18 months to 2 years before the ageing process takes over. The good news is that the procedure can be repeated and you can go on to have a full facelift if required in the future.

While the majority of people do not experience any complications during the One Stitch Face Lift procedure, it is important to bear in mind the points covered on this page. Please discuss any concerns you may have over the procedure or risks involved with a member of staff at the McLean Academy.


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One Stitch Facelift

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