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    Calf Implants

    The poorly shaped calf ,which can be genetic or caused by disease, can be augmented using a custom made soft or firm silicone calf implant. The implant is placed through a small skin incision situated behind the knee.

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    Double Chin Reduction

    Excess fat is removed from beneath the chin via a small stab incision. A Body Jet cannula can then be used to break up the fat and it can then be removed by gentle liposuction. Some patients may need to wear a elastic neck support post-operatively.

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    Male Breast Reduction

    As a result of ageing and some medications, excess fat and breast tissue in the chest can become more prominent and tender causing social embarrassment. Liposuction and excision of the breast disc can improve patient's self confidence.

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    Nipple Areola Reduction

    The enlarged nipple and pigmented area around it, can cause significant embarrassment for some men. Both can be reduced in size, either separately or together by a simple surgical procedure under local or general anaesthesia.

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    Testicular Implants

    Absence of the testicle can be congenital, traumatic or following cancer surgery. the patient's self confidence can be significantly improved using shaped soft or firm silicone testicular impants which are placed through a small incision in the scrotum.


Body-Jet is an innovative technique, which can be used for re-sculpturing without the potential complications of more traditional methods of liposuction.

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One Stitch Facelift

The One Stitch Face Lift is a relatively new advanced procedure, designed to make the skin smooth and taut, without the need for complex and invasive surgery.

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