Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction is generally the preference for those that are unhappy with the appearance of their chest area. As a result of ageing and excess fat the male chest area can become enlarged resulting in a less defined chest. The surgery is primarily aimed at those who suffer from the medical condition known as Gynaecomastia, and aims at offering a solution to the 40-60% of men who may notice, or feel self-conscious as a result of the condition.

To give an indication of a normal procedure, small incisions are firstly made around the nipple and chest area. This is usually undertaken whilst the patient is under general anaesthetic. A cannula or metal tube is then used to remove any excess fatty tissue, whilst any excess glandular tissue is also removed at this stage. The incisions can then be sutured offering a firmer and better defined chest. It is also worthy of note that stitches can be dissolvable, meaning that a patient should not need to return in order to have stitches removed at a later stage. In some cases with excessive surgery a nipple uplift may be required.


Before undergoing male breast reduction surgery consideration and preparation are vital elements. Those who are considering the procedure should clearly outline their targets, and openly discuss this with their consultant. Those who are considering the procedure should be aware of the risks and complications that can arise, as well as the practical changes that are needed prior to surgery. Patients are required to stop taking medication which alters blood viscosity; including aspirin. In preparation of surgery it is also highly recommended that patients avoid smoking, to provide a quicker recovery and better wound healing

After The Operation

Following the operation patients can expect mild bruising and swelling around the chest area. Patients are expected to wear a Lycra support for three weeks following surgery, that aims to reduce swelling and ehnaces recovery time.

Patients are expected to wait around 3 weeks before they resume normal activity following breast reduction surgery. Patients can usually go home on the day following surgery, although there will be cases when other patients may have to stay in the hospital for a little longer. Patients should not undertake rigorous exercise until at least six weeks following surgery.

Recovering from Male Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Patients should avoid smoking as well as any exposure to passive smoking prior to and after the procedure.
  • Consumption should be reserved to liquids until twenty four hours after the operation.

For the large majority of adults who under go male breast reduction surgery the results will be a success with negative consequences. Despite this, the capacity for risks and complications remain, as is the case for almost all surgical procedures.

Risks and complications

  • A haematoma from bleeding is possible
  • A reaction to the anesthetic is a possible side-affect as a result of male breast reduction surgery.
  • Lack of asymmetry and related problems can be possible side-affect.
  • Permanent scarring is a possible side effect.
  • Slow healing is a possible complication of male breast reduction surgery
  • Patients may find nipple displacement occurs.
  • Greater than expected pain is possible.

By nature, all medical procedures carry an element of risk. While the majority of patients do not experience any complication during our male breast reduction procedure, before embarking on any medical procedure, it is advisable to consult fully with the McLean Academy so that our qualified staff can suitably discuss any risk or concerns that your procedure may pose.


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