Due to the current Corona Virus Crisis, the Private Hospitals and Clinics from where I normally consult have been closed and we are only able to see urgent patients. I apologise for the inconvenience.

If there is anything that you wish to discuss with me, then could you please contact Debbie my private secretary on 07502036457 or at debbiewood147@gmail.com, with your contact details and I will telephone you with advice and if it is necessary I will make arrangements to see you at the nearest private hospital to you.

No-one knows exactly how long this situation is going to continue, but one would estimate it will probably be between three and six months before we get back to normal. I look forward to seeing you at that time and wish you and your families all the very best.

Neil McLean


Non Surgical

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    Anti Wrinkle Injectons

    This is now the most common cosmetic treatment globally and anti wrinkle injections can drastically reduce even the deepest laughter and frown lines with a simple, non surgical injection performed as an outpatient procedure.  

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    Chemical Peel

    Deep chemical peels are performed under a light general anaesthetic and can be beneficial for those with facial blemishes, uneven pigmentation and fine wrinkles. The chemical peel serves to smoothen and rejuvenate the facial skin. A milder peel can be peformed as an outpatient procedure.

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    Face Peels & Fillers

    With time, the skin ages as the effects of gravity, sun exposure and muscle contraction take effect. The underlying skin tissues that keep skin young and elastic begin to weaken, leaving laughter lines, crow's feet and wrinkles. These can be improved by a combination of face peels, hyaluronic acid injections and anti wrinkle treatments.

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    Facial Muscle Spasm

    Botulinum toxin injection therapy (also known as 'Botox therapy') is used to treat dystonia, a neuromuscular disorder that produces involuntary muscle contractions, or spasm that can affect the muscles of the face.

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    Juvederm and Volumina Injections

    A concern for many in society, wrinkles are the result of a loss in elasticity from a depleted number of active structural cells. Hyaluronic Acid injections can improve static wrinkles.

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    Laser Rejuvenating & Resurfacing

    Laser rejuvenation and resurfacing can help to minimise the fine lines around the eyes, cheeks and mouth and may assist in the treatment of facial scars.

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    Mole Removal

    Moles are a common facial feature in both men and women, they can be easily removed with appropriate surgery. Moles on other areas of the body can also be treated.

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    Skin Lightening Agents

    Brown spots can appear on the surface of the skin and are known as chloasma (also melasma).These can occur for many reasons and may be improved by the use of skin lightening agents.

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    The Milan Uplift

    From the home of Italian chic, the home of 'supermodel cheek bones' comes a procedure that offers just that. The cheeks can be augmented with fillers, giving the appearance of a cheek lift.

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    Vistabel for frown lines

    Frown lines and wrinkles are a normal part of the ageing process, but they can make you look more tired, angry or older than you really are. Appropriate injections, can temporarily weaken certain muscles of the face, thus improving dynamic wrinkles. 


Body-Jet is an innovative technique, which can be used for re-sculpturing without the potential complications of more traditional methods of liposuction.

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One Stitch Facelift

The One Stitch Face Lift is a relatively new advanced procedure, designed to make the skin smooth and taut, without the need for complex and invasive surgery.

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