The Milan Uplift

From the home of Italian chic, the home of "supermodel cheek bones" comes a procedure that offers just that;

In fact, an entire lift and contouring effect that will enhance your looks, replace the definition lost through ageing and reduce that tired look.

It is an accepted fact that the face loses its youthful toned appearance over time, almost as if gravity is dragging it downwards - why accept it, why not correct it ?

The Milan uplift can replace the need for surgery or facial inplants by using a simple injection technique. Within minutes rather than hours, remarkable results can be achieved, adding shape to the silhouette of the face and turning back the clock with rejuvenating effect.

To create the Milan Uplift an injectable product called hyaluronic acid is placed into the mid to upper cheek, a safe gel like volume filler, the product will lift the surrounding area to create shape, tone, tighten the skin and alleviate tired eyes. A complimentary filler, may then used to smooth unwanted lines.

Evolence is a remarkable new 'smart' collagen, the natural choice for lifting wrinkles with beautiful results that are guarenteed to last. Why not visit the Mclean Academy today and find out what the Milan Uplift can do for you.

By nature, all medical procedures carry an element of risk. Before embarking on any medical procedure, it is advisable to consultgfully with the Mclean Academy so that our qualified staff can suitably discuss any risk or concerns that your procedure may pose. The Milan Uplift is a non surgical procedure with very minimal risks.


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